Education & Training

Education and the allocation of proper instructions serves as a key linchpin to any business. There is a direct correlation to the investment in proper training and the ability to deliver measured results.

The area of education becomes an important component to imparting basic client techniques, service level orientation, and an investment in the human component that brings your brand and your practice to life each and every day.

Branding and Differentiating Your Practice by Positioning Yourself as an Expert

If you are to be successful, you must differentiate your practice in the eyes of your target market. One of the ways to do this is to become a leader in education, community outreach, and support. This will help brand your name and image in the minds of consumers, and name recognition means more people will choose your practice over a competitor.

Successful marketing tactics involve external and internal marketing methods as well as creative and innovative thinking and follow through. Marketing that is memorable gets better results faster than marketing that is not. The focus of external marketing is reaching out to your potential clients/patients, so analyze your local market and determine what avenues will connect with your prospects most effectively.

Some methods of external marketing include:

  • Public Relations
  • Advertising
  • Social Media / Website / Internet
  • Direct Mail
  • Networking
  • Telemarketing
  • Speaking engagements
  • Educational Events / Open House / Special Events

While you will want to engage in many of these simultaneously, it is important that your message be consistent no matter the marketing medium. Be sure to use the same logo, colors, tag line, and message.

For detailed information on utilizing these methods, refer to Beautifully Profitable, Forever Profitable.

Inviting the public to your facility is the basic purpose behind most of your marketing tactics. However, giving people a reason beyond coming in for a treatment is likely to draw a larger crowd. Because many are still skeptical about the aesthetics industry, bringing them to your facility will go far in banishing their doubts about how they can benefit.

Becoming a leader in education, outreach, and community

Publish your story

Beautiful Forever offers expertise in various ways to tell your story. We have talented consultants to help map out your needs and then to identify the ways to create and to execute the story.

We excel at ghost writing articles, blogs, books, and digital resource guide book, and identifying and executing new business strategies to help practices improve their bottom line.

Community outreach

In today’s evolution, active community involvement differentiates your practice, builds trust and awareness, and drives the opportunity to engage new patients through outreach. Community builds strength.

Beautiful Forever will work with you to identify potential outreach, understand the required involvement, and work with you to craft the right outreach platform for your office.

Often confused with donations, community outreach strengthens your practice by building visibility through community events and educational platforms. We help cut through the clutter to develop your simplified community outreach area.

Utilizing events to educate patients

Event planning to build awareness and book services

Events offer a focused, effective, and efficient way to communicate new concepts and engage new and existing patients to tell the practice’s story about innovation, new technology, and treatments.  Events offer your practice the opportunity to address questions and to create an atmosphere of education, engagement, and enrollment.

Beautiful Forever can assist you in successful event planning through weekly calls, plan oversight, and the methodical, driven implementation, planning, and organizing necessary for your events to yield strong returns and increase your profits.

Utilize observation to “see” inside your practice

On-site Practice Assessment

Beautiful Forever offers a hands-on practice assessment and evaluation to identify weaknesses in revenue streams, competitive and growth opportunities, and forward plans.

This multi-day assessment allows us to “look” into your practice with a different set of eyes to clearly see the unique opportunities that exist. The findings and results have proven to start a forward pathway to change and drive long term success and profits.

Based on your needs and objectives, we identify the right executive to assist you in gaining an insightful look, identifying areas to develop, and to lay out a plan to drive results.

Building education strength as a point of difference

Patient communications and engagement

Do your patients know what your office excels at and what you can do for them? Beautiful Forever offers a platform to create effective newsletters, correspondence, and outreach to convey current office practices, new ideas and innovations, and methods of engagement – leading to calls and booked appointments.

Focused, consistent, and easy to understand communication enables you to form connections with your patients.  We can assist you in creating this communication channel to drive awareness, engagement, and retention.

Animating your practice through Video

Video has become an extremely powerful way to convey your practice specialties, your expertise, and your uniqueness. Videos play a role in office waiting areas, online through social media and website connections, and can be further used in newsletters, eblasts, and other patient communications.

Beautiful Forever offers you assistance with video context, writing scripts, sourcing videographers, editing, and posting videos to drive revenue and engage more potential patients through this powerful tool.

Patient service techniques to build long-Term relationships

Developing Long-term Patient Relationships

Having an independent assessment of your practice is an excellent way to improve productivity as well as improve the patient experience. A fresh set of eyes can spot wasted time and effort that those too close to the operation simply can’t. An independent assessment also allows you to “experience” your practice through the eyes of your patients. Consider having a professional, independent assessment performed so you are able to benefit from the insight provided by this fresh perspective.

Building long-term patient relationships is all about the patient experience. Beautiful Forever consultants can assist you in developing your facility, staff, service menu, and amenities to provide your patients with a positive experience that has them coming back again and again and referring their friends and family. Let us evaluate your staff and your practice through our mystery shopping assessment package to give you a view of your practice through the eyes of your patients.

Creating a service level of excellence

Client service is the key pivotal factor in patient engagement and unfortunately is sometimes neglected or assumed.  A positive experience with your practice will yield verbal recommendations and referrals, social media testimonials, and will ultimately help in growing your practice.

Beautiful Forever offers different package options to explore your practice functionality through mystery calls, actual booked appointments, and follow-up report cards and recommendations for improvement.

We also offer an intense patient service training to educate and coach your staff into creating a patient-focused environment. This developmental workshop equips your team with the tools needed to provide exceptional service to your patients and to give your practice a competitive advantage.  Each and every interaction with a patient is an opportunity to establish a lifelong relationship.

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