Expertise in solution-based strategies

To ensure success, creating and promoting profitable product-based and service-based programs is even more critical than it has been in the past. Beautiful Forever is focused on simple steps to cut through and improve your ROI to drive stronger bottom line profit. As experts in helping practices to transition to a cash-based service mix, the Beautiful Forever Team stands ready to assist you.

Beautiful Forever University

instant access to free video training and additional resources

Beautiful Forever University is a membership education platform to immerse, enhance and, impart knowledge to develop stronger deliverables in a business environment. This unique, digestible, solution filled platform to educate and bring knowledge to you in a concise, easy to understand platform focused on success.

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Conversations with Aesthetic Industry Experts & Visionarie
  • Time tested education platform
  • Creative multi-channel programs to deliver results and effectiveness
  • Industry leader created content crafted to learn and utilize every day
  • Useful, up to date, clear, concise tools and techniques
  • Unique tutorial program to guide and lead to solutions


Beautiful Forever Aesthetic Business Consulting and Beautiful Forever University offers custom tailored programs, tools, and educational platforms that are unique in the industry and laser targeted to help you achieve results. We bring over 30+ years of working in creation, development, partnership and advising clients on a broad spectrum of businesses.

Download our Guide for Attracting New Patients!

Download our Guide for Attracting New Patients

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Beautifully Profitable

Forever Profitable

  • Must-Read for any Medi-Spa and Medical Practice
  • Very up-to-date, 5th Edition
  • Over 6,000 Copies Sold
  • Basic business marketing, metrics, management, media relations and sales coaching
  • Learn the benefits of creating a strategic annual marketing plan
  • How to host PROFITABLE events every single time
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Tools For Success

Beautiful forever is a strategic partner that works with you to build your practice, create new profit centers, expand current profitability and drive stronger ROI. We have proven tools and qualified consultants to identify solutions for expanding businesses and profitability. If you are in need of maximizing existing equipment, deciding marketing outreach, looking at new innovations and technology, Beautiful Forever stands ready to assist in any way.


Rejuvenation Networks – Physicians tend to compete only with other, similar practices within a five- to ten-mile radius, which means that physicians outside of one another’s primary service areas can cooperate to help one another build their practices. Beautiful Forever is creating Rejuvenation Networks to – first, provide resources that practices typically need – and, second, to bring together similar physicians in specific practice types, in ways that…

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Consulting packages

Beautiful Forever offers you an opportunity to identify your needs and allow a custom tailored consulting solution to be built for your practice. Whether you need a full blown consulting package from concept to post opening, an analysis of current operating procedures versus industry standards, focused assistance in crafting job descriptions or understanding your business and ways to identify new profit centers, Beautiful Forever can work with you…

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Beautiful Forever University

Beautiful Forever University – is professional educator Cheryl Whitman’s online program to provide marketing and practice-building education to physicians and members of their staffs. The University offers cutting-edge information in the form of blogs, videos, white papers, articles, newsletters, and even live Facebook postings.

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