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CareCredit® for Promotional
Patient Financing and Support

CareCredit is a health, wellness, and personal care credit card that helps patients and clients get the financial help and care they want and need, without delaying appointments or treatment.

Cardholders can use CareCredit with promotional patient financing to pay over time for deductibles, copays, and treatment not covered by insurance*.

64% of providers say their top billing concern is the time it takes to collect payment,1 but when you become part of the CareCredit Acceptance Network, you get paid in two business days.

Why CareCredit?

CareCredit gives cardholders an easy, convenient way to pay for the care they want and need today*, without spending their cash up front, or tying up cards they depend on for other expenses. The CareCredit credit card can be used to pay for out-of-pocket costs for many kinds of care – for themselves, their family, and even their pets. In fact, 94% of cardholders say they are highly satisfied with CareCredit.

When you accept the CareCredit credit card, your patients or clients will have a way to fit care into their budget, and you have a way to get paid quickly while spending less time on billing and collections.

You’ll also have access to free educational resources to help your patients and clients understand their financial responsibilities and introduce a way for them to pay over time. CareCredit also makes it easy to let your patients know you accept CareCredit with access to a library of supplies and resources.


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