Table of Contents

Introduction I
Letter from the Author I
New Profit Center Opportunities – 2014 & Beyond IV
Chapter One: Building a Business 1
Basic Business Management 1
Marketing & Promoting a Practice 2
Practice Marketing Metrics 16
Business Plans 21
Annual Marketing Plans 25
Branding Strategies 37
Networking 44
Mystery Shopping 52
Human Resources 54
Staff Sales Programs 57
Chapter Two: Specializing a Business 74
Ethnic & Niche Markets 75
Building a Medical Spa in with Your Existing Practice 79
Marketing Your MedSpa 86
Private Labeling 115
Branded Skin Care 122
Chapter Three: Lights, Camera, Action – Staging & Hosting Events 127
If You Can Stage a Wedding, You Can Pull Off Any Event 127
Chapter Four: The Write Stuff 139
Branding & Communicating Your Message 140
Public and Media Relations 144
Social Networking 147
Ghost Writing 171
Books & Digital Resource Guide Books 179
Appendix 203
Appendix One: Event Checklist 204
Appendix Two: Event Planning – Define Your Event 210
Appendix Three: Mystery Shopping Checklist 213
Appendix Four: Secret Shopper Call Questions 218
Appendix Five: Beautiful Forever List of Services, 2014 220

Beautifully Profitable

Forever Profitable

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  • How to host PROFITABLE events every single time
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