Brand Development

Brand development is critical to practice success. “Brand” is the image that your practice projects into the community. Some brands are carefully considered; others “just happen” – and while the latter tend to be accurate, they may not support practice growth.

Determining your brand

Effective branding needs the steady hand of a skilled professional

There are many and complex factors in branding – especially branding as a platform for practice growth. While any one aspect of branding may seem no more than common sense – something branding has in common with strategic planning, effective branding needs the steady hand of a skilled professional who can and will define and refine the process.

The bottom line when it comes to branding and brand extension, is to understand the often convoluted processes involved in developing and refining a brand; putting the brand “out-there,” and expanding the brand with new products and services; and finally evolving the brand to reflect changes in technology, services, products, the market and competitors.

The skilled team at Beautiful Forever has the experience necessary to help you successfully develop and/or expand your brand.

Integrating retail as a brand extension

Nuts & Bolts of Private Label development

  • Understand private labeling and private-label branding before developing products
  • Educate staff to become effective sales reps:
    • How to sell it?
    • How to differentiate your product from others – including generic retail AND other doctors’ private brands
  • Formulation
    • From “stock” products with private labels, to private formulations
    • For private formulations, adapt products to have links to your practice – this is a sales hook

Private Label brand extension and timing

  • The Practice lives in a fast paced world
  • However, the Practice may not want to move too fast into a new area – especially one with a high investment factor (such as true private-formulation private label product development)
  • Start slow and ease into private label
  • Work with professionals who understand the key factors involved in branding and development of private label products

Create platform for development

  • Format the brand message to optimize product or service development
  • Tie brand development to practice growth
  • Understand how to expand – practice growth is often not intuitive
  • Determine what to offer – based on what and how you want the practice to become
  • Determine staffing based on plans for practice growth
  • Determine timing, also based on plans for practice growth

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