Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies are the approaches used to generate new business, typically by reaching out to target audiences with a message that the target audience members will find compelling and motivating.

Strategies are most effective when they can be narrow-focused, targeting specific audiences who share characteristics that suggest they will respond based on their shared characteristics.

When properly focused, a marketing strategy drives sales and generates a positive return on marketing investment (Marketing ROI).

Building a right outreach for your practice

Determine the right way to find new potential patients

Aspects of a successful marketing strategy include the following:

  • Building an effective outreach program
  • This may include social media networking, access to an established rejuvenation network, utilizing a custom email list or some other technology-based outreach effort.

Beautiful Forever is prepared to help you determine the right way to find new potential patients. Our strategic focus is on proper target markets including who is the target, how to reach them, what to tell them and how develop a compelling offer.

Outreach marketing to deliver effective results

Identify the correct marketing tools and methods

Beautiful Forever can help identify the correct marketing tools and methods to deliver effective results. We do this through active listening to understand your current needs.

Then a plan is created to outreach and market to bring new clients into your practice. Implementation is a very key component of our marketing outreach.

Building Your Practice

It is critical to have a steady flow of patients

To maintain a successful Aesthetic Medical Practice, it is critical to have a steady flow of patients. To grow a successful practice, that steady flow of patients must be either increased in number or the profitability of each patient must be improved. Ideally, both of these will occur. One method of accomplishing these goals is through the planning and execution of successful projects focused on building your practice.

The objective of these projects is to attract new prospects as well as pique the interest of existing patients. While this may sound simple, there is both an art and a science to successful project management. In her book, Beautifully Profitable, Forever Profitable, Cheryl Whitman discusses successful project management for the successful Aesthetic Medical Practice.

Developing maximization strategies for your inner customer

Revenue generation from your existing patient base

Strategies for maximizing additional revenue generation from your existing patient base.

This approach addresses the question: how do I generate significantly more net revenue from my existing patients?

Strategies include maximizing your internal patient base – encouraging patients to try new services, buy new products, or expand the frequency of existing services or products.

Mastering your current patient engagement

Current patient are one of the most important assets to your practice

Current patient are one of the most important assets to your practice. We offer different programs to manage the active engagement with your current patients.

Critical to this program, is to enroll your patients deeper into your practice through learning more about each patient, identifying the unique opportunities to further invest in communicating new procedures ,ideas and concepts to develop stronger loyalty, connectivity and active engagement with current patients with limited costs, investment and outlay to maximize ROI.

Methods to attract new clients

Attracting new patients

Existing patients are important – but so are new patients. These marketing strategies begin by identifying what approaches are known to be effective in your marketplace

Referral development is a focused and effective approach. What this involves is encouraging existing and satisfied former patients to refer your practice to their friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbors and others in their “networks” – with the more specific the referral, the better.

Supporting referral development are more general outreach efforts – ranging from direct mail brochures to news media public relations, advertising, social networking – especially blogging and video blogging, which offer subtle reasons not obviously sales-oriented for people to get interested in your practice and your services.

New Qualified Patient Acquisition

Increase your profit through acquiring NEW patients and immediate engagement.

We offer a proven method of outreach to find new patients and to pre-qualify them based on your practice needs. This is accomplished with a focused geographical engagement survey through digital media.

If you are in need of reaching out, finding new patients in an easy to integrate solution to driving new revenue through a qualified patient stream, this is for you.

Understanding ROI through strategic outreach

Strategic ROI

A one-time patient has a limited value.

A repeat patient who tries many services and who also “spreads the word” to other prospective patients has a virtually (if relatively) unlimited value. How a given new patient’s value should have an impact on the allocation of your marketing outreach budget. Targeting your outreach strategically is a longer-term investment.

Successful ways to “tell your story”

Telling your story

There are many ways of telling your story.

The ideal way varies from target individual to target individual – some people like to read, some people want to watch videos. Some want testimonials; others want white papers and research-based information.

Different types of outreach are ideal for specific target audiences and specific messages. What the audiences have in common is that they want to know that the information is coming from an expert, that it is credible.

We will position you as the expert by helping you chose the best means for communicating any given message, targeted for any specific segment of your market. This may include:

  • Blogging and video blogging
  • Social media
  • Press interviews and press releases
  • Presentations and talks

When telling your story, there are times when the same target individual will – at different times – be open to different stories told in different ways.

Startup Website concept and launch

Navigate through the process of beginning a web presence

Beautiful Forever can assist you in navigating through the process of beginning a web presence. It is our goal to simplify and work with you in a template format, to get a website developed and launched to start your online presence.

We offer focused discussions, defined goals, short timelines, and efficiencies to work with you and build a web presence.

Website management

Websites are a very important aspect and gateway to your practice

Websites are a very important aspect and gateway to your practice. Your website needs to be up to date current, engaging and dynamic.

Beautiful Forever offers a range of levels to help in maintaining this very important conduit to your practice.

Monthly testimonial feeds, updates, consistent blog posting, seasonal & monthly concepts to engage your patients, social media interaction and search engine optimization are a few of the services that we offer. We have the ability to custom craft the right amount of involvement to keep your web presence, focused, clear, engaging, timely and your most important method of effective communication.

Beautifully Profitable

Forever Profitable

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