Best Practices – Staff Orienting New Staff Members

Your practice has a “corporate culture” – an unwritten set of guidelines for behavior – and the spirit behind the behavior. Your new-staff orientation must highlight this corporate culture, and its importance.

Examples might include:

  1. Your commitment to excellence
  2. Your focus on patients as valued customers
  3. Your insistence upon creating “satisfied” customers – which means going the extra mile to resolve problems as soon as they crop up

This culture is unique to your practice, based on your personality and your own goals for the practice. Identify the three key cultural elements, and make sure each new employee is made aware of them, and how important they are to the practice’s success.

Here are other key factors that should be part of every new-employee orientation:

  1. Create an easy-to-read employee handbook – A “welcome package” that includes all the details – hours of operation, vacation and sick leave, dress code, health insurance, HIPAA compliance, org chart, etc. This will allow your orientation to focus on more important issues.
  2. Tour of the practice – During the tour, introduce the new employee to each of your other employees.
  3. Explain their key role in the practice – Every employee plays a key role, from practice manager to the porter who keeps everything clean. Make each new employee feel proud of her role in your success.
  4. Agenda – Orientation isn’t over in an hour, or even a day. Create a detailed agenda for her first week, to ease her into the practice.

There is much more to a successful employee orientation, but these are the high points. For a more complete orientation check-list, visit our website at

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