Don’ts For Facebook Marketing

shutterstock_358252655Facebook marketing in medicine can be tricky at best. The good news is that once your practice integrates the right formula for success, Facebook can be an excellent patient acquisition tool.

Do Not copy content from other Internet sources. You can create content that offers another angle on current Internet content, but your content should be unique.

Do Not post content without an image.

Do Not conduct or set the stage for online consultations.   It’s important to let people know that face-to-face follow ups are the time to discuss diagnosis and treatment plan options. Set up guidelines with internal staff and train staff about your guidelines for e-communications and calls.

Do Not forget to document interactions with users.

Do Not have Image or You Tube links on your sites that you do not endorse.

Do Not have Before and After Photos posted online that allow consumers to scroll over the link to find the patient’s name, if the patient has not signed a specific hold harmless agreement to this effect.

Do Not forget to investigate comprehensive Cyber insurance that offers a broad range of coverage to protect physicians against regulatory and liability claims arising from the theft, loss, or accidental transmission of confidential patient or financial information, as well as, the cost of data recovery.

Do Not fail to understand the laws in your state about creating the unintended impression that you have a virtual office and have established a doctor-patient relationship. Using terms like “prospective candidate for surgery” or “person” instead of “patient” can be helpful in clarifying communications with prospective patients.

In essence, social media outlets offer a way for you to create your own community, enhance patient relationships, help manage your reputation, generate referrals, and attract more visitors to your website for higher ranking positions.   One thing is certain- interactive platforms are here to stay.

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