Do’s for Facebook Marketing

shutterstock_143694367Facebook marketing for medical practices has become quite popular for a variety of reasons. First, consumers like Facebook and want to receive information in this way. They want to be part of your Facebook community to view your posts about inspirational messages, educational data, and special promotions. In terms of benefits for the practice, Facebook enhances patient loyalty and is a word of mouth referral arm as community members like posts which becomes visible to their network of friends. Do consider hiring an established Internet development firm with a strong social media specializing in background. The work of content development and uploading posts can be time consuming for a practice on a weekly basis, but much simpler for an experienced, dedicated medical social media company. Do request that the content be prepared a month in advance for your review. Do select someone to write the content that is a highly educated, consumer journalist in the field of the medical area you specialize in. It is also a must that the journalist knows how to write social media content, which is far different when compared to traditional writing. It’s also wise to mix up your content with variations, such as, entertaining, motivational, and educational. Do find out how to link posts to your website content. Facebook posts should not be more than three sentences and should link to your website page or blog that relates to the specific content. Do ensure that you add images to posts and are able to locate You Tube videos to add to your posts where applicable. Do make sure your content is posted during high traffic times to help promote the best response. For example, Sundays are great days for Facebook when my average client sees that between 50 and 75 Fans view their post which means that the intro for the post viewed by the Fan is seen by each of the Fan’s network of friends. With an average of 130 friends per Fan, this extends the post reach to between 6,500 and 9,750 Facebook friends for one post alone. Do post consistently. Depending upon how aggressive your practice needs to be in your market, the right number of posts ranges between two to three times a week

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