Patient Testimonials and Before and After Photos: Essentials in Practice Marketing

Patient testimonials and before and after photos (in aesthetic medicine) are two forms of necessary proof for a patient interested in a private pay cosmetic procedure. In any aesthetic procedure, before and after photos is the most suggestive piece of information to demonstrate the benefits of a procedure. In fact, before and after photos can help set reasonable patient expectations. It is also important that the photos are standard and presented in a way that is pleasing to the eye. Furthermore, patient testimonials are critical for introducing new procedures or for that matter, any elective cosmetic procedure. To develop the right testimonial, ask the patient key questions to develop a comprehensive quote that can be used for any commercial purpose including,

A) How long they were considering the procedure for? bef and aft 1

B) Why they chose the procedure?

C) Why this time was right for the procedure?

D) What factors did they consider in choosing the procedure?

E) In what ways have they noticed that this procedure has improved the treated area as well as other areas of their life?

F) Have other people noticed a change in the patient?

G) Do they feel that this procedure would benefit many other people in the same ways it has benefited them? Edit the quote and consider developing small paragraphs. Paragraphs provide for easy reading.

Patient testimonials and before and after photos are the pathway to acquiring new patients.  They are an extension of the word of mouth referral arm.  They are two indispensable tools that offer firsthand witness accounts of your impeccable service. Hone in on the right strategy and maximize your efforts with the tips listed above.

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