How to Prepare for a Successful Event


This week on Beautiful Forever’s Facebook Live Show we covered “How to Host a Successful Event” – we wanted to do a written recap for you right here!

We want to talk about VIP intimate events for your medi-spa or aesthetic practice. We’re not going to focus on huge, grand openings because they can be time consuming and costly. Large events can be fun and great networking opportunities, but are they successful for your bottom line? Only if you have amazing offers and great sales people on hand. However, as aesthetic consultants that help run hundreds of events a month, we find that you will close more procedures and sales with smaller, more intimate groups.

Smaller groups mean greater intimacy. People will be more willing to express their own issues and ask questions; this also allows more time to do personalized consultations.  Even if it’s a small 10-person gathering, you don’t need to make it big and fancy to make it fun. You’re looking to keep it exclusive. If you have 15-20 RSVPS, we actually recommend that you stop sending invitations and create a waiting list, or set up another event day. We’ve had great success with smaller events because people get the one-on-one time that they want.

With exclusive events, we have seen that it brings greater profit. But what should be the highlight of your event? We recommend a new procedure, treatment or machine/technology. One of the best ways to attract attention is by telling people that you’re going to be offering special prices and promos for this specific procedure at the event. Everyone wants special pricing, and it’ll be a great way to introduce this new procedure or treatment to your business.

Now that you have an idea about what your goal and budget is, how do you get the word out? Start internally – why? Because it’ll cost you less. You can do an event on any budget, and the most inexpensive way to start is by looking into your database. These contacts already know who you are – you can make calls, send save-the-date invitations or traditionally snail mail a flyer. Always ensure that you are offering the highlighted procedure – it’s your catching point.

Events could be very effective to your bottom line – but it always needs to start from the top. The business owner or medical practitioner needs to ensure that their team is in order. Your team needs to know that you have an invested interest in this event and that you have a goal to reach. Before and during the event, every employee must also have a specific job to do, weather it is big or small. Ensure that all staff members are identifiable and assign a defined hostess to set the right atmosphere. We also caution against displaying a lot of merchandise, however, demos are encouraged if possible.

You want your patients to know that you’re confident about the procedure or treatment that you’re promoting. If you have confidence in the event, your team and patients will have confidence in you.

Stay tuned for a follow up article and Facebook Live Show that digs deeper into the nitty gritty details of how to execute a successful event.

You can read more about this subject on page 165 in my book Beautifully Profitable, Forever Profitable.

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