The Rising Popularity of the “Selfie Lift” New York City with Dr. Paul Lorenc plastic surgeon

Social Media, Selfies and Looking Good!

Aesthetics Consultant Cheryl Whitman from Beautiful Forever University interviews New York Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paul Lorenc about “The Selfie Facelift” and talks in length about how increased interest in Selfies have been very popular in social media and how looking good has become more and more of a factor in today’s world. Great business advise and information from a top plastic surgeon in this video.

Aesthetic Business Consultant and Beautiful Forever CEO Cheryl Whitman is a successful business coach, marketing expert, and renowned author, who trains doctors and physicians in their medspa and aesthetic medical practices in how to use marketing, staff engagement, and good customer service as tools to maximize business profits, including thorough training in the state of the art Thermi for the non- invasive ThermiVa and a ThermiTight procedures..

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