Tips for Advertising- Know Your Audience

shutterstock_341532362Newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the Internet are major sources of daily news for most people today. Advertising in the right mediums can be a positive patient acquisition tool. In fact, a comprehensive strategy of repeated appearances in the press, weather through public relations or advertising, can foster trust for prospective patients. Advertising is designed to build awareness of your practice, create interest in your practice, and focuses on the strength of your credentials.

Let’s talk headset. To effectively market your message, it’s important to understand the headset of the viewer, reader and/or listener.  So, let’s break it down.

Daily News Papers and Magazines: The health section is one of the most well-read sections of newspapers and magazines. One reading these types of mediums in a daily form is likely reading at a slow, observant pace.

Weekly or Monthly Newspapers and Magazines:  In this category, readers are more inclined to keep longer term papers at home or work for the duration of the issue. Readers may return to skim through pages time and time again during this duration.

Websites: Readers of websites tend to scan information. Internet savvy readers may seek out relevant key words throughout content to become familiar with what they are interested in. Viewers may vist may websites about a select topic. For example, a prospective plastic surgery patient may view up to 200 websites. The before and after gallery of photos is often the most frequently visited page.

Social Media and Email: Viewers of posts are 30% more likely to read and engage (ie. like, comment and/or share) when an image accompanies the post.

T.V.: T.V. offers a thumb nail sketch of what is further depicted in newspapers. This is a fast paced medium. So, you’ll want to ensure that your name, website address, and identifier code phone number are repeated twice on T.V. These viewers tend to focus in on light hearted topics to take away from the heavy hitting news that is so common on T.V.

Radio:  Radio is a faster paced medium when compared to T.V. So, you’ll want to ensure that your name; easy to remember website address; and identifier code phone number are repeated twice. People tend to be doing other things while listening to the radio.

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