Tips on Successful PR in Your Aesthetic Practice

Public Relations goes “beyond the norm” to help consumers interested in long lasting solutions that will broaden your patient base and further increase patient satisfaction levels in your practice. As press corps field through the bludgeoning number of press releases every day, it’s easy for your press release to get caught behind other virtual billboards fighting for visibility. It’s important to understand what the press corps considers to be news and how it is reported.

What Is Newsworthy

The WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHERE and WHEN of your story should appear in the first paragraph of a press release. Less important information and quotes from relevant parties below. Generally, there are three categories that are considered newsworthy information, usually in the form of a press release.

  • Business and Financial Stories
  • Consumer Human Interest Stories
  • Specialty Specific Stories

Develop a Strategy

It is important to note that reporters cannot be authorities in every subject matter. Since they operate on tight deadlines, they need to quickly and efficiently pool resources to validate their facts before writing a story. In fact, in order to produce a story, reporters will typically require interviews with at least two or more credible individuals in order to complete a story.    This is where the physician and other quoted parties  (patients and technology reps)in the release can step in. Virtually, a physician has the opportunity to become a media source by providing ongoing press releases to the press corps. In doing so, press corps appreciate such credible ongoing communication and this increases the chance that your stories will appear. Three press releases per quarter may be a wise goal for your practice. An ongoing relationship with press corps can be highly advantageous.

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