At-Home Spa Treatment Device Industry Expected to Grow in 2013

Currently, for anything other than basic maintenance, consumers usually turn to a beauty spa – but that could change this year. The at-home skin care device industry saw rapid growth in 2012, but it’s only just beginning to reach consumers. Already valued at $1 billion in 2011, this industry is expected to grow at a record-breaking rate over the next five years, thanks both to advancements in technology that make these devices more affordable, as well as the fact that more and more people are seeking skin treatments. The most popular devices being developed for at-home use include those to help treat acne, prevent signs of aging, and improve skin conditions such as psoriasis.

anti wrinkle device

Source: via BeautyStat on Pinterest

What does this mean for the spa industry? Well, that depends on how each facility chooses to react. For example, medical and day spa owners who are quick to adapt and provide these products could turn this into a business opportunity.  For more information on how to increase business growth for your spa, contact Beautiful Forever Aesthetic Business Counseling at (877) 772-6334.

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