Tips For Your Virtual Video Events

Why Host a Virtual Event?

Hosting a Virtual Event is an excellent way to launch a new service or product.  This type event will attract new people who might not otherwise be able to attend an in-office gathering. Virtual Events enable your practice to actively engage new Facebook, Instagram, and You Tube users and to utilize targeted events and ads to engage your audience. Even better, an online conference is recorded and still available after it is finished, meaning anyone can access it at anytime, anywhere.

Virtual Event Checklist

___  Create a plan and topic 

___  Choose a theme (around a holiday or season, or re grand opening)

___  Select title for event (use word ‘virtual’ in title)

___  Start to market virtual event weeks prior

___  Possibly partner or co-host with a local business to cross promote

___  Create event descriptions to think about

___  Answer questions – Who, what, when, where, and why

___  Create Event Page on Facebook (must be aesthetically eye-catching)

___  Create Graphics for event which are consistent with your brand 

___  Use keywords to create hashtags – #virtual

___  The title of your event should be a hashtag 

___  When entering keywords, suggestions will automatically populate with examples of the most popular hashtags on Facebook and LinkedIn

Best of luck! Please add me,, and the Beautiful Forever Consulting team to your email list.  #beautifullyprofitable

We are happy to assist you in creating a successful virtual event! One-on-one consultations are available. Ask about our stimulus package reduced rates. 

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