Beer Baths Can Heal What’s Ale-ing Ya, Says One Austrian Spa

In the sleepy Austrian alps, in a village just outside of Salzburg, Austria, is a spa where visitors can unwind with a cold drink and a hot bath…in a tub of beer.

At the Moorhof, as the resort is called, visitors can vegetate in wooden barrels of hot, frothing litres of beer while they take in the attractive view of the lake and the valley of green rolling hills; scenery that was once the setting of the film The Sound of Music.

The beer bath experience costs around 50 dollars for 30 minutes, during which bathers are treated to pints of locally-brewed Austrian beer. After their soak, they’re wrapped in soft white sheets and tucked into a bed of hay. Yes, hay.

Though bathing in tubs of beer with beer-swigging Bavarian women followed by a roll in the er, hay, might seem more of a male fantasy than anything remotely thereupeutic, the antioxidants found in beer help restore skin cells and according to Dr. Oz (from the Dr. Oz Show) a beer bath can heal skin-conditions like pseriasis.  The hay, according to the The Moorhof’s website, has essential oils that are activated by a person’s body heat.

The spa resort also offers a brewski facial (ground hops, malt, honey and cream cheese) and a variety of boozy dinner options: from beer soup and beer-beer-battered broccoli to chicken schnitzel soaked in a sour beer gravy and beer crepes.

A two-night stay the resort costs 198 Euros (about 250 dollars) and includes breakfast and two four-course dinners. For those who can’t afford a trip to Austria though, Dr. Oz has a simple at-home fix: Mix two cups of beer into a warm bath.


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Photo by Darren Barefoot.


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