Branding Your Practice

When properly managed, a practice’s brand is one of its most valuable assets. Building and promoting a unique identity—known in the trade as “branding”—is a technique all businesses and individuals can use to effectively market themselves and their services. As a physician, your personal brand sends a clear, consistent message about who you are and what you have to offer. It sets you apart from every other physician in your specialty and can help position you as a niche expert.
Branding begins with your office—the physical space, including the design and decor—and extends to your staff communication and dress code, as well as your “bedside manner” in dealing with patients. It also includes your outside communications, such as your website, social media presence, PR campaigns and even your advertising.

Why Brand?

It is difficult for patients—on their own—to determine the objective professional skill and quality of a given physician. Instead, they typically determine who is right for them based on their perception of a physician’s personal and professional brand.
One of the quickest ways to jumpstart the creation of your brand is to identify that one thing by which you would like to be known. Do you want to be known as:
• Caring and compassionate,
• Technically proficient,
• The best in your field in a certain procedure, or
• A gifted generalist who can “do it all”?

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