Owning A Med Spa

Beautiful Forever Takes the Pain out of Owning a Med Spa or Aesthetic Practice

In today’s economic and heavily government-regulated climate, operating a thriving medical practice has become increasingly difficult. The gap between cost and profit has become exceedingly narrow, especially for practices that depend largely upon patients paying with insurance. One way to overcome this difficulty and increase profits is by opening a med spa or by adding one to an existing practice. At Beautiful Forever, we simplify the process of owning a med spa. From initial evaluations to periodic on-site reviews, our experienced team of consultants make opening and running a med spa or cosmetic medical center an easier, and much more profitable, endeavor.

Our services begin with a preliminary practice assessment. During an onsite visit, we perform a comprehensive, one- to two-day assessment of a current practice and offer immediate feedback concerning what should be done to improve current med spa operations or to get a new med-spa component up and running. We are well versed in the current market trends of medical aesthetics and we will conduct valuable market research in the area of a practice, in addition to identifying a practice’s areas of weakness and under-realized potential.

On the basis of this research, we will create an easy-to-understand To-Do list broken down by employee or category that will promptly move a practice on its way to increased productivity and profits. We can even provide continuing implementation management to help ensure that business-plan checkpoints are reached on time, by working directly with staff and providing scheduled reports and conference calls.

Once a unique business plan is in place our services continue with developmental assistance, from advice on proper equipment selection, to aesthetics-bar menu development, to the scouting of office locations along with design and construction. Our accumulated industry knowledge and experience enables the consultants at Beautiful Forever to provide the very best guidance for the development of a thriving med-spa practice.

Developing, opening and running a profitable medical spa are difficult tasks. Myriad business-related decisions must be considered and made on a daily basis. The Beautiful Forever team will make the minutiae of owning a med spa manageable, ensuring that a busy practice runs smoothly.

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