The Right Message to Announce an Upcoming Medical Marketing Event

There is great importance when it comes to seamless, informative, user friendly practice building techniques for the launch of an event at your practice. Introducing the event is one thing, and helping you to succeed to have people come is another. Today, you must go “beyond the norm” to help consumers interested in your solutions that will broaden your patient base and further increase patient satisfaction levels in your practice. When sending out announcements about your event, you’ve got to hone in on messaging techniques that will help you have success.

Top Tips for Creating the Message

  1. Personalize communication: Personal salutations such as “Dear Sue” (providing you have an agreement to use a personal salutation) and physician signatures denoting accreditation can help enhance the goal of ongoing communication.
  2. Develop a Call to Action: A call to action can be informing the reader to expect a call, requesting they call the practice, and/or sign up for an event.
  3. Presentation: A) Present the title (masthead) and logo in an eye catching way. B) Use headings and subheadings when possible. C) Provide a patient testimonial in the form of a quote or before and after pictures.
  4. Edit, edit, edit.
  5. Remember that email campaigns should include a link to your practice website.



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