Running a Spa

When your daily work is associated with running a spa, you’ll want to first make sure that all of your customers are satisfied and happy with your services. You’ll retain many more customers if they’re happy when they leave, and their word-of-mouth is excellent positive advertising.

Your staff should be well-trained and friendly. Work to create a clean and comfortable spa for your clients. As soon as they walk in, they should see that your spa environment is relaxing and safe. Cleanliness cannot be overlooked, since the first impression clients get will be the look of the spa when they enter.

Your spa equipment should be washed between customers, and only clean towels and equipment should be used when a customer comes in. Your waiting area should be comfortable, even though you don’t plan for people to have a long wait there. Magazines on the table will keep them busy while they wait, and coffee is usually welcomed by clients.

If you are offering various spa (and medical spa) services, your customers will see your business as a one-stop location, where they will see all their beauty needs attended to. Running a spa involves scheduling various types of visits, and you may also opt to offer your clients spa and salon products that they can use at home.

You will be offering various cosmetic and skin services to your clients, so you’ll want to be sure that your staff is well-educated in any services they will be providing. Schedule your staff so that your clients will not have to wait, and keep your schedules and other paperwork in good order, so that any information is readily available, when you need it.

If you offer facials and other skin treatments in addition to hand and foot services, be sure that your staff has specialized training in any area they need. Anti-aging treatments and exfoliation will also be welcome services for your clients. Running a spa involves ensuring that your license is up to date. The requirements depend on the state in which you are located.

Running a spa can be easy. Call 877-SPA-MEDI to schedule your FREE one-on-one 30 min consultation.

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