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Considerations for a Spa Business

Any physician or business owner who is considering the possibility of opening a new spa business will need to think through a wide range of considerations before getting started. A spa business is like any other company and comes with obstacles that will take effort to overcome. Fortunately, Beautiful Forever can offer assistance in getting started once the decision is made.

Licenses and Accreditation:

Before getting started in the business, it is vital for any potential business owner to understand the requirements for licensure and accreditation needed in the state. Every state will have different business guidelines, but most will require some form of licensing or accrediting.

In most cases, the licensing requirements relate to the staff members. Any physician or individual working with clients must meet required state standards for training and licensing. Some states will also require an appropriate license for the business. We offer assistance is determining the state laws and providing the educational tools needed to get any appropriate accreditation for the state.


A spa offers a wide range of services, but the particulars vary based on the type of spa. Regardless of the type of spa, most will offer some basic beauty and relaxation services like facials, waxing and massage. These services are common among many different spas.

Some spas will require health services as well. A medical spa often focuses on cosmetic and physical well-being and caters services around the aspect of health. Other spas put more focus on relaxation, such as a day spa that puts in a sauna and whirlpool for customer enjoyment.

Services often define the type of spa and the necessary experts. For example, a medical spa will require at least one physician while a day spa might need more massage experts.


Aesthetics of a spa are a necessary part of running the business. Clients expect a relaxing and comfortable environment, even when they are visiting a medical spa. Our experts are able to help improve the aesthetic components of the business so that it provides the best possible service to clients.

A spa requires a wide range of considerations before determining that it is the right business for personal goals. A business owner who is willing to step up to the challenge of creating a relaxing space with a wide range of services can get help through our support, consulting and assistance services to make meeting the challenges easier.

Running a spa can be easy. Call 877-SPA-MEDI to schedule your FREE one-on-one 30 min consultation.

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