New Spa Technology: Clients Can Now Know Their Skin’s True Age With New Laser Technique

Taiwanese researchers have developed a way to look beneath your skin’s surface and measure the age-related changes in the sizes of your skin cells. The hope is that this technology will advance anti-aging skincare products.

Using a burst of infrared laser light, the scientists focus on an area of the inner arm, where sunlight rarely hits. Sunlight is known to advance the aging of skin, so measuring under the arm gives a more accurate assessment. By measuring the harmonics of the reading, they are able to render a 3D image of the cell structures.

What they’ve found is that natural aging causes a measurable increase in the size of basal keratinocyte cells. These cells are the most common cells in the outer layer of skin. Other cells do not show the same variation. The conclusion is that the difference between these two cells may accurately pinpoint a patient’s actual skin age – unaffected by environmental factors.

As these advances will create better products, keep an eye out. Your day spa consultant can help you determine the best course of anti-aging treatments.

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