Top Five New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s is just around the corner! The time is knocking on our doors. New Year’s is a time for reflection, a time for celebration and a time for a new beginning. So, we’ve come with our own Top Five List to provide you with suggestions for the New Year relating to your marketing.

1.            You will be renewing relationships with family and creating more friends during festivities this holiday season. So, it’s the perfect time to send out messages to your patients, too. This includes:  holiday cards, holiday Facebook posts, Tweets, New Year’s event invites, and a holiday ad message in your local community paper.  It may be busy over the holidays. But New Year’s may create a lull that you want to fill your time up with to maximize profits.

2.            You may Step Up to Exercise for your New Year’s Resolution. Perhaps, it’s also a good time to hold an exercise or yoga program for your staff members to rejuvenate their spirits.  Why not hire a personal trainer to come to your office to teach your staff members a few motivating tricks of the trade?  Exercise increases longevity, reduces cancer risks, elevates mood, increases energy, lowers blood pressure and helps to maintain weight or trigger weight loss. For staffers, it’s a great time to bond, too.

3.            Just as you may know smoking is ideal to quit at least two weeks before a surgical procedure; you may also know of an area of improvement that would be healthy for your practice. Whether it’s better organization; a rebranding campaign; conducting better monitoring of campaigns; or any other item on your list, there’s likely some way your practice can benefit from improvement.

4.            Enjoying aesthetic beauty is a form of intimacy that you have with yourself and can share with others. Be it a walk in the woods. It could be a walk along the beach or on top of mountains. In the end, taking time to enjoy nature in life can be quite refreshing. Natural aesthetic beauty may also be achieved in your practice by setting the scene with a pleasing ambiance. Set a goal to purchase a new piece of furniture once a year. Invest in new curtains or fresh paint. Visit with a professional decorator and ask for his/her recommendations.

5.            Starting a New Hobby is a must for New Year’s.  Whether you decide that your new hobby should be spoiling yourself with small cosmetic treats or joining a new medical organization, a sideline activity can be rewarding.

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