The Top Tip for Planning Your Medical Marketing Event

Public speaking engagements such as seminars and other events as well as with press representatives can be very effective for introducing a new procedures technology and benefits of a practice. The key spokesperson in medicine will typically be a doctor who is skilled and ready to meet the press with prepared standard responses to all possible press inquiries. Strong communication is key when it comes to event marketing in medicine. Aside from the spokesperson role, let’s discuss a Briefing Book that you can put together well in advance of your event to assist with planning your event.

About the Doctor Biography: A short biography denoting credentials, training, education, membership affiliation and practice focus (outlining specific areas that the doctor is qualified to comment on) is important to have on hand for reference.

Third Party Support: Securing the support of an Industry Analyst or Leader (in the form of a quote or letter of endorsement that supports the practice’s position), a representative of the manufacturing company, or statistics demonstrating the problem and solution that you are commenting on, all go a long way in receiving the support of a publication or broadcasting company, as well as, consumers at large.

Information Forms:Everyone like information in a specific format. Sample emails, social media posts, newsletter invites, press releases, press kits, letters to the editor, opinion editorial articles, and letters of endorsement, and video news releases.

Reprints: Reprints of published articles that relate to your specialty can be beneficial to include in your briefing book.

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