Top Tips for Creating Your First Impression: Your Best Brand

Just as your image is a big part of the first impression you create in the minds of others; the image you create about your practice is equally important. First, your personal image usually starts with the inner core. The sense of how you perceive yourself. The sense of the first impression you extend to people about yourself when you meet them. When it comes to patients, it’s in the appeal you create to be an attractive prospect. Your practice’s image is the center for communication and at the core of professional interaction. So, it may be time to revisit your brand by exploring the look, feel and fit of your office, as follows.

Ambiance: The ambiance you set in your office, on your website and business cards, in social media and in your office must be reflective of who you are and where your patients would want to be. Your ambiance will be best served to be reflective of your mission statement. It’s not just about the auras you select to incent your office with or plush furnishings. You want your patients to feel peaceful during their visit for calm decision making. Of course, the build- up of excitement may step in intermittently.

Staff: You’ll want to know that every need you and your patient have will be catered to. You’ll want to feel confident that all of your staff members can work well independently, while you are busy with patients. You’ll want to feel that you’ve made the right choices for your practice to give your give a friendly, professional inviting experience.

Safety and Organization: Keeping up- to-date with safety regulations offers a reassuring environment.  Being organized helps people to feel safe and secure. All of which helps to support an inviting atmosphere where patients can feel most comfortable.

Menu of Options: When prospective patients visit you for a consultation, they have likely heard about various techniques and technology available in plastic surgery. They may have perceived notions about what will offer the best plastic surgery experience. This is the time you can make your consult interesting. Broaden horizons with a menu of options. Offer a thorough evaluation, proposed treatment plan, and alternatives to treatment. Informed consent can go a long way towards making a great first impression. Offering a menu of options may reshape your practice in more ways than one!

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