Tracking Marketing Campaigns

Tracking marketing campaigns is often the most difficult part of any campaign.  Close monitoring is vital to identify campaigns that require adjustment; campaigns that need to be bolstered; and/or campaigns that need to be canceled. After all, R.O.I. is the key word that justifies expenditures for marketing. Let’s take a fast glance at how to get the most out of tracking marketing campaigns.

Direct Mail, Email, and Social Media Campaigns: Maintaining a log of the mailing/distribution and response calls for at least one month can be difficult through internal management. At the same time, tracking is critical. All campaigns should have an identifier code on the direct mail or email piece in order to track results. Some practices use different contact phone numbers for each campaign. Others may use a different promotional code on each ad or direct mail piece that the caller can refer to. You may associate a key word with each promotion, such as, Beautiful Forever or Anti-Aging Today. One of the most efficient ways for a practice to track results of advertising is to use an outside firm (possibly included in the services of a direct mail company) and to set up a separate contact phone number for each campaign. This phone number can lead to a message that offers the caller options, such as connecting to the practice with an on hold message that provides educational information about the area of interest that resulted in their call. Through this service, all gathered response call information is provided to the practice.

TV and Radio Campaigns: The same types of identifier codes for the above mentioned codes may be used for T.V. ad Radio. A tag line including a domain name that can be redirected to your website, a promo code and/or a promo specific phone number may be the best call to action.

In the end, the only way to decide about any future investments is to have a comprehensive tracking program in place.    Next month, learn more about tracking for your website campaigns.

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