Mid-Year Functionality Review

If you are like most aesthetic medical practices, you likely devoted time in preparing your practice for 2017. 2017 is proving to be a big year for the aesthetic market as new and exciting non-surgical procedures continue to attract patients to your practice.  There’s a lot of room to grow, and your practice must be prepared.


With so many new procedures to choose from, you must be certain that you identify which procedures are best for your patient population. In addition, all team members must be trained to both understand and be able to talk about these new treatments. This includes training for front office staff so they know how to engage with patients about new options.  

Compliance with New Laws

There are newer laws and state regulations that apply to the aesthetic market.  So, it’s important to be current on all new regulations that apply to your practice.

Information Technology Up to Speed

It’s vital for your ERM system to be running up to speed. The right ERM system offers greater efficiency and can save money for your practice in the long run. This is important to consider as you’ll get busier after introducing new procedures.  

Have you invested in telemedicine? If not, you may want to consider. Telemedicine offers convenience to patients and this is highly desirable among patients. This may include mobile applications, such as a mobile website or video consultations.

Website Up To Date

Your website must reflect your vision in 2017. Is it fully equipped with the right before and after photos? Does it outline your new procedures? Do you have videos on your website? Do you post blogs? Do you offer the ability for patients to comment? Is your website mobile friendly? Engage in a consultation with a medical website professional to be certain your website is up to date.

Ensure Your Business and Marketing Plans Are Both Current and Relevant

Preparing an annual business and marketing plan can be very helpful in setting your practice firmly on the road to excellence. Share your plan with your staff. Hold regular meetings to expand and implement ideas.  Consider engaging in consultation with a medical marketing specialist to hone in on your goals.

Beautiful Forever Aesthetic Consulting is proud to offer complimentary practice assessments.  Please contact us at https://beautifulforever.com/contact/ to learn more!

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