How do you stay ahead of your competition?

Aesthetics “The aesthetics market is booming – not only are more Americans using these services than ever before, but more physicians are entering the field as they attempt to flee from insurance-driven and often profitless Medical Practices, into a field of elective and often cash-pay services. This means more customers yet much more competition.” (Excerpt from Beautifully Profitable, Forever Profitable, 5th ed).

It is imperative that you are always aware of both the level of customer care you offer your patients and the service levels offered by your competition.

It’s a fact.  Patients have choices.  When multiple practices offer Botox and Laser Hair Removal, often on the same street, it becomes crucial for business owners to understand their points of difference and to make sure that every patient who walks through the door has an exceptional experience.

Beautiful Forever Consulting offers packages of mystery calls or in-person mystery shopping with corresponding ‘report cards’ on findings and on suggestions for improvement.  Countless practices have benefited from taking advantage of an impartial, knowledgeable assessment of the sales skills of staff members, the smooth flow and movement from check-in to check-out (and every interaction in between), and the ability of staff members to juggle multiple tasks, etc.

Alternatively, we often suggest to our clients that they take themselves on an investigative office ‘tour.’  

  • Start in your parking area.  If your parking is limited, what options do you offer your clients?  Valet parking, tokens for a nearby parking garage?
  • Check out the building exterior.  Trimmed shrubbery?  Attractive and visible office signage?  Welcoming front door entryway?
  • Move into your lobby.  Take in the room all at once: temperature, sounds, lighting, smell.  
  • Observe the layout of the front desk.  Is the desk inviting?  Clinical?  Are the employees smiling, wearing nametags, and dressed in professional clothing?  Are all drinks and cell phones hidden away?
  • What happens next if you really were a ‘patient?’  Does a clinical team member retrieve you from the waiting area and call you by name with a sincere demeanor?
  • Next comes the service portion of a patient visit.  Really look at your clinical area.  There may be a nursing type station.  Is it neat and organized or chaotic and cluttered?
  • Look into each of the clinic rooms.  As with the rest of the office – is the paint fresh?  Are the beds clean and prepped for procedures?
  • Where are patient consultations held?  Inside the clinic room?  In the physician or patient care coordinator’s offices?  Check those spaces for level of comfort – comfortable chairs, cheerful and educational imagery, enough quiet to conduct a successful consult.
  • What next?  Is the patient led back to the waiting area?  If they elect to book a service or purchase a product, is the front desk staff member accessible, knowledgeable, capable?

It’s a very common phenomenon.  When we trek into work day after day, we often forget to even notice the little things.  But you can bet a patient brand new to your practice will notice.  And, it is the little details that create patient satisfaction, loyalty, and referrals.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you with observing your practice from a new point of view.  Contact for a free consult on how to grow your practice to the next level 

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