Three Important Ways Before & After Photos Increase Your ROI

“One of any aesthetic practice’s strongest sales tools is its gallery of Before and After photographs. For maximum impact, these photos should be professionally made by someone who understands the camera technology, posing, and the ultimate use of the photographs. The best Before and After photos eliminate all distractions, focusing only on the area treated by the physician. Changes in clothes, or selective use of makeup and hair styling (none in the before, a great deal in the after) often prove counterproductive, as viewers can tell the difference. Poses, framing, and technical excellence are all keys to creating positive sales tools that honestly and effectively illustrate the treatment’s success. “  <Excerpt from Beautifully Profitable, Forever Profitable, 5th edition>

Patients today are accustomed to viewing Before and After photos before making a final decision about aesthetic treatments.  Check out three reasons why the right Before and After photos are crucial.

Reason 1: Building Trust

Many patients don’t know what to expect from a particular treatment.  Before and After photos provide reassurance. The right Before and After photos offer testimonials about the physician’s skills. A statement from the patient could be placed below pictures to really amp up their value.

Reason 2: Managing Expectations

One of the most important tasks for a physician is to set reasonable expectations.  Before and After photos provide the patient a visual understanding of the potential treatment outcomes.  During a patient consultation, refer to photos to show your patient what is possible and what is not.

Reason 3: Helping Patients Decide on What They Really Want

Before the patient knows what they really want, they can have the aid of photos to hone in on their goals. This helps to set reasonable expectations from the onset, and it helps the physician deliver the best and most desired results.

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