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Expand Your Business by Hosting an Event

Whether you are just starting out as a medical spa owner or you have an established facility, hosting an event for your clients is a great, cost effective way to expand your business. They get clients to mingle, allow you to build strong relationships on a personal level, and encourage clients to recommend you to […]

Unique Spa Treatments: Cactus Massage

When you think of a cactus plant, you likely don’t think “massage.” But cactus massages are precisely what’s on the menu at the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita in Mexico. So why would anyone want to get a cactus massage? Well, because this treatment uses needle-free cactus paddles and a skin-nourishing blend of nopal, prickly […]

Running a Med Spa and Staying On Top of Trends

Opening a medical spa can be a daunting venture. It takes time, attention to even the tiniest details, and a wealth of knowledge concerning every facet of health and wellness, so you can create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere that gives your clients what they pay for. Knowing and understanding the latest and most sought-after […]

Why Hire a Medical Spa Consultant?

Many spas around the country are trying to maximize their profits and minimize their risk. This is particularly true in the arena of medical spas, where clients not only get the great services to make them look beautiful, but also the latest in minimally or non-invasive medical techniques to help them purge toxins, eliminate cellulite, […]

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