Medical Experts Bring Out Ethnic Differences With Plastic Surgery

If you have plans for owning a medical spa, you may want to specialize – really specialize. Several extremely focused clinics are gaining momentum by catering to the beauty desires of particular ethnic groups. What does this mean to you? It means that the fear many had in being too much of a niche market may well be the wave of the future.

Beauty by Region

According to this article, women from around the world are getting medical work done to emphasize their cultural differences. Just a few examples of highly specialized procedures include Korean women who are seeking thinner jawlines, Chinese patients who want their naturally upturned noses turned down and New York area women from the Dominican looking for buttock lifts and implants. Meanwhile, thanks to their popular skirt fashions, Italian women want beautiful knees. In a move previously reserved for Americans, more and more Russian women are seeking breast enlargements.

Immigrants from all over the world and of all ages are seeking beauty treatments based on the ideals of their homelands. While most American procedures involve liposuction and other thinning procedures, Hispanic women look for bodywork to enhance their curves – including enlargening and rounding out their derrieres.

More Ethnic, Less American

This new trend among immigrant women to make themselves look “more ethnic” significantly veers from the ways of US immigrants from 100 years ago. Back then, the rule was assimilation – or trying to look more “American.” This may have included enlarging the eyes for Asians, nose reductions for Jewish women, and pinning back the ears for many Irish immigrants. Skin lightening and hair dying were also common procedures among people entering the US. These women would try any and everything they could to look just like everyone else.

Now, cultural differences are not just celebrated, they’re enhanced. Surgically, if need be.

Big Business in Little Niches

Medical spas are seeing an eruption in these specialized requests, and those that specialize on a specific demographic are doing quite well. Pay close attention to the population of your region; you may benefit greatly by marketing to a specific group and focusing on a particular set of procedures.

Look for Similarities

That said, don’t forget every woman’s fantasy – a flatter stomach and younger face. By looking for the similarities among women worldwide, you may be able to offer specialty procedures to an under-served portion of your local populace, while still offering the bulk of patients in the area the most popular services.

The good news is that the stigma for such body and face work has long been (ahem) lifted.

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