Want to take a nap? That’ll be $15, please. New Spa Trend Has Sleepy Customers Paying for a Little Shuteye

As the years continue, Americans who are over-worked do not receive the right amount of sleep each night. With long schedules and not enough hours in the day, it’s no wonder America is finding anyway possible to get a little extra shuteye. Spas catering towards the tired nation are beginning to become a trend. The sleepy clients can go into the spa and pay to catch a quick power nap for less than a dollar a minute in some cases.

photo credit: Rebecca Somaya Bakkejord via photopin cc

At 15 dollars for 20 minutes at Yelo, one can enjoy a quick nap in an individual honeycomb-shaped, sound resistant room. The room is softly lit and painted in pale yellow. Each pod contains a custom designed furniture called a Yelochair. Once in the chair, the individual is presented with soothing rain sounds and a heavy scent of lavender, used as a calming aid.

Naps are extremely beneficial, especially when it comes to good performance on the job. Lack of sleep affects a person’s physical and mental well being. It’s no wonder spas are incorporating this type of service into their services. Spas are meant to calm and cure. What’s a better cure than some good sleep?

Even the smallest amount of extra sleep can be extremely refreshing. For information on new spa developments or spa consulting contact beautiful forever at (877) SPA-MEDI.

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