Running a Med Spa and Staying On Top of Trends

Opening a medical spa can be a daunting venture. It takes time, attention to even the tiniest details, and a wealth of knowledge concerning every facet of health and wellness, so you can create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere that gives your clients what they pay for. Knowing and understanding the latest and most sought-after trends and technology and being able to provide them to your clientele helps elevate you above the competition, but many people don’t even know where to begin. What can you do?

The first step is to educate yourself concerning the services most spas are offering today. The days of the seaweed wrap and cucumbers over the eyes while the client gets a mani/pedi are, for the most part, over. People want treatments that not only make them look and feel great, but keep them that way. For most people, that means some level of medical intervention is required. People are looking for a total body-mind-spirit experience when they go to the spa.

Spas have become the hot new place to get boutique, cafeteria-style services for every facet of a person’s being, and the successful spa rises to the challenge, offering everything from laser hair removal to infrared wraps which help melt away cellulite to Botox and collagen stimulating chemicals. Naturally, these treatments require the oversight of a physician to use properly and safely, and of course your patrons should never undertake a diet and exercise regimen without the guidance and care of a doctor.

Of course, with the new technologies and advances in the medical spa field, people also expect the standbys of a spa: massage, steam rooms, manicures and pedicures. The most successful spas around are those that incorporate the finest customer service and broadest array of services for their clients, from weight loss to medical-grade age management technologies and procedures. Many spas even offer permanent makeup and salon services, making them popular destinations for bridal showers, wedding parties, and girls’ days out, among other things.

Creating and running a medical spa your target clientele will love means hard work and understanding what forces are in play in the current market. Although it can seem like a guessing game, having the knowledge and experience of a medical spa consultant on your side can help you cut through the confusion and create a spa experience your clients will keep coming back for, without the hassle and stress of trying to become a stable expert on the field by yourself.

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