Appealing to The Complex Teenage Beauty Consumer

Welcome to the rapidly approaching end of the 2010’s and the speed of lightning ‘new normal’ climate in the aesthetic industry. Social media advertising and social media ‘influencers’ with the power to turn the tide of public opinion with a simple tweet or opinionated Instagram post are changing the face of successful marketing. The mammoth power of the relatively unfiltered and opinionated anonymity inherent in internet advertising and online review capability are the core issues that must be faced today.

The teenagers within Generation Z are quickly outpacing the preceding Millennial generation and directly impacting spending habits and styles in ways that are affecting every industry, particularly the beauty industry. As stated within research conducted by Pinterest, “Gen Z’ers are searching for the term ‘aesthetic’ 447% more than Millennial’s.” Gender flexibility is another emerging concept that is deeply ingrained in many of the more outspoken Gen Z influencers that hold power and sway over their “followers,” or online audience. Aesthetic medical spa practices would be wise to take note of this growth movement and to begin strategizing for future profitability.

What do these new beauty consumers value above all else? Authenticity. From choosing brand ambassadors to represent a company’s core beliefs to the marketing decisions made as part of defining a brand’s overall identity, a company’s strategy should reflect its overall message, identity, and focus.

Generation Z dollars will become more and more significant in the decades to come. In order for aesthetic practices and medical spas to achieve and maintain relevance in the constantly evolving social media environment, practices should commit time and attention to their online presence and reputation. Practices opt to hire managers to enhance their brand and continue to create brand extensions staying consistent with the core messages. Beautiful Forever Aesthetic consultants can manage and train your staff on all vertices of outreach. This would consistently maintain the practice’s presence on all relevant sites. We act as a watchdog over the practice’s online marketing messages includes updates on websites, monthly blogs, educational videos and events newsletters.

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