The Importance of the “Elevator Pitch”

“Hi! I’m Paige, an Executive Consultant with Beautiful Forever Aesthetic MARKETING AND BUSINESS Consulting. We are veteran industry EXPERTS who help physicians, med spas, and medical aesthetic companies grow their businesses and increase profitability.”
Here’s a Beautiful Forever example of follow-up information: additional sentences that further clarify and underscore your USP.

“We focus on developing creative and proven methods to drive sales – through EDUCATION and event execution, and by establishing new profit centers in each practice. Beautiful Forever is led by CEO and industry expert, Cheryl Whitman, and has been in business for over 25 years.

We offer assistance from start to finish on any aesthetic concept, project, or idea. We help clients nationwide – from small to corporate – take advantage of the latest technologies and services to build business niches in the growing aesthetics marketplace.”

Do you have an elevator speech that every staff member can recite to best represent your practice or medspa?  It should be one sentence, two at the most, that can be “memorized” and repeated by every member of your team, every time. An elevator pitch is what you would say if (for example) you were with a group of people going from ground level to the 10th floor in an elevator and you were asked about your job, your practice, or your USP. How would you answer those questions? What could you say in that timeframe that would cause people to both remember you and want to learn more about you?

“Because of its importance in building your Medical Practice, mastering the networking process is a low-cost and high-impact way of growing your aesthetics business. Create what is known in the trade as an “elevator pitch” – a brief introduction to you and to your Medical Practice or aesthetics business. In less than 30 seconds, your elevator pitch must make your listener want to learn more about you. Find ways to differentiate yourself from others in your field. Give specifics about what you do. If you provide a niche market with special skills and talents, mention that. Be memorable. Because your elevator pitch is your door-opener, practice it on staff, family, or friends, and keep working on it until you are comfortable with it. “(Excerpt from Beautifully Profitable, Forever Profitable, 5th ed).

An elevator speech should be communicated naturally and conversationally.  It shouldn’t sound memorized.  You might be very surprised if you asked your top staff members to tell you in their own words how they describe your business or practice to the outside world. You and your team should all present a similar introduction to your business.

Here are some ideas:

Try asking your team (without notice) how they would respond when asked about the practice and about their role within it.
Consider video-taping different staff members and note their word choices. Use these videos in a staff meeting, to constructively discuss this topic of “elevator pitches.” Seek input from your staff on how they might change their wording upon watching their teammates.
Mystery shopping calls performed by an impartial expert can be an excellent way for you to monitor how your staff communicates with clients, both existing and potential. Beautiful Forever Consulting offers a Mystery Call package with corresponding “report cards” that summarize the information given to the consultant and suggest techniques for improvement.
Practice, practice, practice. Use role playing exercises during a staff meeting to garner input.
We encourage you to address this very important and often overlooked piece of practice marketing. For more information about the “elevator pitch” and practice building advice in general, check out the industry guidebook, Beautifully Profitable, Forever Profitable at

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