Increase ROI by Closing Consultations – Part One

Successful patient consultations, where a treatment plan is presented and prices are quoted, can mean the difference between a stagnant practice and a flourishing one. 

Consultations should follow a standard protocol. Set aside a quiet, comfortable room.  Utilize before and after imaging software to visually show potential results. Use high quality marketing materials to present your proposed treatment plan.  Quality collateral materials set superior practices apart from their competition. Remember your goal is not to sell services, but instead, the goal is to educate the potential patient and to present viable treatment options that address their individual needs.

Patients today are more knowledgeable than ever with access to the internet and social media at their fingertips. Consultations should be concise, easily understood, and compelling.  Practices must answer the question – Why this practice/provider/treatment? Providers should be viewed as the go-to expert within their specific field, and both practices and treatments must be recognized as professional, cutting-edge, effective, and a great value.

In today’s digital environment, a new category of ‘smart’ consumers may have unrealistic expectations or misinformation about the procedures offered by your practice.  It is up to the individual holding the consultation – whether that be the physician, a clinical employee, or a designated Patient Care Coordinator – to create an individualized, highly efficacious treatment plan to meet the needs of each potential patient.

Remember that every consumer needs to have two questions answered in a patient consultation. The first question is – Do I WANT this procedure (and its achievable results)?  And second – Can I AFFORD this procedure? Answer both these questions and your closing percentage will soar.

Beautiful Forever Aesthetic Consulting strongly recommends every practice offer at least one patient financing option.  Present the financing option early in the consultation to give the potential patient comfort that they can afford the cost of procedures.  Contact us via our website,, to learn more about available financing company options.

Every practice must decide whether to charge for patient consultations (often with that consult fee credited toward procedure costs) or to offer complimentary consultations.  There is debate on both sides of this question. Practices may charge for both the physician’s time and for extenders’ times as well. Your no-show rate may affect this important decision.  How does your practice or medical spa handle consult fees?  

The most important part of the consultation process is to “close” the sale.  Offer value-added package pricing for a series of treatments and across various modalities to increase excitement about the practice and to cross-sell multiple treatment solutions.  Special event pricing or gift card credits will increase the patient’s perception of your practice as the best value for the money.

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