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Internet Fundamentals for Medicine

There are three statistics which demonstrate that an investment in the Internet is wise in today’s marketplace. -Over 100 million consumers search the Internet for healthcare information, according to Harris Interactive, Inc. -Sixty-three percent of consumers say they would switch healthcare providers if they found credible content, email communication, or scheduling online, according to Jupiter […]

Social Media and Blogging Are In For Medicine

In addition to patient acquisition and patient referrals, social media and blogging have become popular for search engine optimization to leverage your practice website into higher ranking positions and to control more Internet real estate. While blogging offers the greatest opportunity to enhance patient education and optimize a website, social media has been the most […]

Ideal Tracking for Your Patients: From Acquisition to Retention and Referrals

In an ideal world, your practice’s patient-relationship strategy runs smoothly. The prospective patient responds to information they’ve received from their friend, or from your television, radio, newspaper, phone-book, or Web-site ads, by phoning or emailing your office. She or he then visits your office and is treated as a VIP guest. As a result, she […]

Beautifully Profitable / Forever Profitable

The Practice Management and Marketing Guidebook That Has Taken the Aesthetics Industry By Storm Announcing the New, Updated Fourth Edition Beautifully Profitable / Forever Profitable is the latest and last word on managing and marketing an aesthetic medical practice. The secret revealed in this book will help you to both operate and market your practice just like it was a business – which is exactly what your practice is. A Business. For more […]

Selecting The Right Print Ad Mediums for Your Medical Marketing Event

  Advertisements in small daily, weekly or regional newspapers and local magazine exposure can be cost effective for advertising a medical practice event. There are neighborhood community newspapers, larger regional (countywide or citywide newspapers), and national newspapers. Community and regional (countywide/citywide) papers can be extremely effective in reaching targeted audiences in your local area. This […]

The Practice Management and Marketing Guidebook That Has Taken the Aesthetics Industry By Storm

New, Updated Fourth Edition Author Cheryl Whitman’s Beautifully Profitable / Forever Profitable, a physician’s guide to the latest and last word on managing and marketing an aesthetic medical practice, has just been released by Beautiful Forever Aesthetic Consulting Publishing Company. The secrets revealed in this book focus on how to run and market your practice […]

The Right Message to Announce an Upcoming Medical Marketing Event

There is great importance when it comes to seamless, informative, user friendly practice building techniques for the launch of an event at your practice. Introducing the event is one thing, and helping you to succeed to have people come is another. Today, you must go “beyond the norm” to help consumers interested in your solutions […]

Patient Retention: The Golden Grail

A high retention rate depends on planning and setting clear expectations like the feeling you get when enjoying fine cuisine at a 5 Star lakeside restaurant on a clear sunny day.  This includes offering the best possible service, as well as, a good working long term relationship. In the end, you will be measured on […]

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