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Are There Untapped Spa Clients Right Under Your Nose?

When looking to expand a business, it’s easy to overlook the opportunities that are right under your nose. No matter how old (or new) your business is, chances are, there is a sizeable market within a 15 mile radius of your business. The question is, how do you reach these customers? The key is to […]

Expand Your Business by Hosting an Event

Whether you are just starting out as a medical spa owner or you have an established facility, hosting an event for your clients is a great, cost effective way to expand your business. They get clients to mingle, allow you to build strong relationships on a personal level, and encourage clients to recommend you to […]

Financing Options Can Make or Break a Sale

When dealing with medical spa treatments, it is important to remember that unlike traditional medical bills, spa treatments are not covered by most insurance plans. This means that in most cases, your clients will be paying out of pocket for any procedure or treatment that they undergo. To increase your chances of closing a sale, […]

Unique Spa Treatments: Cactus Massage

When you think of a cactus plant, you likely don’t think “massage.” But cactus massages are precisely what’s on the menu at the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita in Mexico. So why would anyone want to get a cactus massage? Well, because this treatment uses needle-free cactus paddles and a skin-nourishing blend of nopal, prickly […]

What to Do with a Spa Skeptic

Going to the spa allows you those quiet moments to focus on your health without having to stress over outside influences. While other vacations tempt you with unhealthy, fast food, spas go out of their way to offer you the opposite. A good spa menu usually includes many light and vegetarian meals, while also providing […]

Snake Massages are Not For the Faint of Heart

What if someone replaced your massage therapist’s hands with snakes?  At Ada Barak’s Carnivorous Plant Farm and Spa, located in Talmei Elazar, Israel, you can receive a massage by snakes. Would you get a massage from snakes? It is said snakes can ease migraines and soothe sore muscles.  At this spa, snakes will weave through […]

Beer Baths Can Heal What’s Ale-ing Ya, Says One Austrian Spa

In the sleepy Austrian alps, in a village just outside of Salzburg, Austria, is a spa where visitors can unwind with a cold drink and a hot bath…in a tub of beer. At the Moorhof, as the resort is called, visitors can vegetate in wooden barrels of hot, frothing litres of beer while they take […]

Medical Spa Consulting

Skin care is a pressing concern to more and more people. Today, people can enjoy unprecedented results because of advances in skin care technology. Because of the skill and experience required, many states and localities require medical professionals be involved in the procedures. However, people still want the luxury experience found at spas. As a […]

Medi Spa Consulting

Consumer demand has led to a boom in the medi spa industry. It is every medical spa owner’s goal to meet customer demands and expectations. The guest spa experience as well as the spa business model have become increasingly sophisticated. We work with medi spa owners to assist in meeting core business needs, exceeding expectations […]

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